Single Zone Flowmeter

Single Zone Flowmeter

Price from 271.26 GBP 301.40 GBP

Compact Inline Single Zone Flowmeter with a rotatable colour display showing both flow and temperature on a single screen.

Using the vortex principle this type of flowmeter calculates the flow based on pressure meaning there are no moving parts and making it the perfect choice for injection moulding applications.  Alarm limits can be set on both flow and temperature and an alarm output signal can be wired into the injection moulding machine to stop production in the event of a cooling issue.



  • Integrated Temperature measurement
  • Flow measurement
  • Limit setting of flow and Temperature
  • Alarm output signal
  • Rotatable display
  • Material: Stainless steel body and connection
  • Pressure: 12 bar
  • Temperature: from -10°C to +90 °C 
  • Protection class: IP 65/IP 67


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Model/Product no.: Item description Price Purchase quantity
SZ-120 1-20 l/m G 1/2

301.40 GBP 271.26 GBP

SZ-240 2-40 l/m G 1/2

301.40 GBP 271.26 GBP

SZ-5100 5-100 l/m G 3/4

326.78 GBP 294.10 GBP


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